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Welcome to 2052. Time is scarce. Freedom is delicate. Heritage is key. Pre-order the hardcover of 205Z: Time and Salvation, and all the additional elements surrounding this immersive experience - music, art, and merchandise.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

100% PURE LOVEEEEEE - 205Z is about to BLAST OFF (insert rocket emoji)
3 months ago – Mon, Mar 08, 2021 at 09:14:09 AM

Alright, Alright, Alright!!! 

100%!!!!!!! 205Z is coming to LIFE!!!!!!!
3 months ago – Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 02:02:55 PM

EEEEK!!! I am overt the moon. I filmed this earlier and have been fighting with Kickstarter to get the embedding to work. 

Thank you all for rocking so hard for 205Z and Lost Children and ME over the last few days and throughout the campaign. Now that we're at 100%, the Kickstarter is on the radar!! I still have a vision for 400 books pledge and 400 books donated so I will be working behind the scenes to make that vision a reality. 

I invite you all to celebrate with me, and start with celebrating yourselves -- dance, scream, cheer, tell your friends -- because you are a magical champion of human creativity. 

you are not lost, you are HERE!

3 months ago – Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 08:24:07 AM

Because why not? 

You showed up for me and this story, and now I want to show up for you. This is going to be a rare artifact (hehe) and I want it to be the rarest by adding my signature to it.  WHOOOO!!!

Now we are in the home stretch with LITERALLY 9 hours to go. Thank you again for all of your sharing, your posts, your blog coverage, your encouragement, and your rallying! 

Next time, I will think on doing some stretch goals, (and will definitely have some stretchy things to include.) But for now, we can all breathe easy knowing this will be showing up at your doorstep in just a couple of months.  


Also, I got word back from the proofreader on 205Z and it's official, the manuscript is officially finished. Here's what she said --

"I won’t go on too long in this message, so I can get the manuscript back in your hands ASAP, but I did want to let you know that I had a great time on this journey with your characters. I think you should be very proud of this novel. The storytelling is strong, the characters are unique and likable, and the world-building is compelling and robust." 

A super proud and humbling moment. 

Leave a comment if you're feeling GOOD today!!! We did it!!

84%. 2 Days Left. WOW - What a powerful day yesterday!
3 months ago – Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 07:39:33 AM

Hello everyone, 

I am in awe right now. 84%.  62 hours left! I know that we are going to make it to the end of this and go WHEW, that was gripping. The Kickstarter is super close to being funded, which means 205Z: Time and Salvation is SUPER close to coming to life. 

What else can we do? 

I know you all want to see this come to life as much as I do. Many of you are here for the second time, or you've been watching to see what's next for Lost Children of Andromeda. 

Here's what I'm doing today

  • Emailing all of the backers in Kickstarter #1 
  • Following up with anyone who said they'd pledge with a reminder that there are 2 days left!
  • Email blast to new subscribers!

What can you do? 

  • Leave a comment on the Kickstarter itself, the Kickstarters with the most activity tend to get featured. Just how excited you are for the novel or the project itself!
  • If everyone who has pledged for a copy of the novel grabbed one friend who loves sci-fi fantasy with a blend of Dystopian and Apocalyptic themes and had them pledge for their same reward, we'd definitely reach the goal. That would double the number of backers. Trust me, this is an experience, and you're going to want to share it with your reading buddy/best friend.
  • If anyone pledged for the digital copy and is on the fence about getting a hardcover, go ahead and make the switch today. Not only will you get a 205Z hardcover, but one of the youth at the Brotherhood Crusade will too! 
  • Share a post from the Lost Children of Andromeda Instagram or Facebook, or share a post from my Instagram or Facebook!

with that, I leave you with - Joy is yours and always at your disposal. Find it today, in something, in someone, and let it lead you through as many moments as possible. 

Much Love,


You are EVOLUTIONARIES!! and WE are 50% There!!
4 months ago – Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 09:07:36 AM

Welcome to 2052, your potential has been UNLEASHED! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!